Winter 2014 Anime Preview
January 7, 2014 by gr33nhippo |

Plenty of new anime from big name directors, including Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo), Yutaka Yamamoto (Kannagi, Lucky Star), and Akiyuki Shinbou (Madoka Magica, Monogatari).

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Shingeki no Kyojin Review
September 29, 2013 by gr33nhippo |

gr33nhippo's review of the sleeper-hit anime of the West: Shingeki no Kyojin! Does it live up to the quality that many acclaim it to hold, or is something fundamental missing behind all that flesh?

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Fall 2013 Anime Preview
September 25, 2013 by gr33nhippo |

Summer is over and it's back to classes- or it's work as normal for you old farts. But on the bright side, Fall has a tendency to put out the best anime.

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Summer 2013 Anime Preview
July 7, 2013 by dietmango |

Your seasonal dose of anime (good)ness!

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Spring 2013 Anime Preview
April 6, 2013 by dietmango |

Currently airing and upcoming shows in the Spring 2013 lineup! Come get 'em while they're hot!

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Guide to JDrama
February 13, 2013 by gr33nhippo |

As the majority of us here are only into anime, I felt like creating an introductory guide on j-dramas for those interested. With anime, when you need another show to watch it's as easy as scrolling through myanimelist's recommendations and rankings. With drama though, I've found that it's not nearly as simple. Similar communities exist, but the results won't be much of a close fit. Instead of relying on the web, all the dramas I've watched have come through personal recommendations from friends. I did pick up HanaKimi  after seeing a lot of people recommend it for those who liked Hana Yori Dango - and well, that only lasted about ten minutes.

I'd like to provide some help for the members that want to give drama a shot. I'd hate for you to get a bad recommendation and be left with a bad impression. Here are some of my personal favorites. If you'd like a more personalized recommendation, just leave a comment! I'll try to give a recommendation, but I'm still relatively new to j-drama myself. ^^
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Winter 2012-13 Anime Preview
January 9, 2013 by dietmango |

Previews for the new lineup of winter anime!

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AKB48 Guide
October 12, 2012 by gr33nhippo |

You know of them, but do you know them? Like me, you may have always just turned a blind eye to what you saw as excessive. Truth is though, there is a lot more behind AKB48 than just a party of ladies in school uniforms; and once you start to understand their surprisingly complex system of member and fan management, you might find yourself intrigued. Perhaps not in the music, but in the members.

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Fall 2012 Anime Preview
October 10, 2012 by dietmango |

Psychic kids, chickens, aliens, shoujo romances, tennis, Arabian Nights, warudo.

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omoiukabu launch!
October 5, 2012 by gr33nhippo |


Welcome to omoiukabu! A new community portal for Japanese culture and entertainment. We hope you enjoy reading the articles our editors will bring to this site, and by all means, please register and join our community ^^

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